Featured Content – AMP MD


The AMP roller is one of the very first things I ordered from my friend who started selling R+F about a year ago. I wasn’t quite sure how it worked or what it did but I knew it looked like something I had to try. So when my box came and I read the instructions I thought this is a gimmick but I love a new product so I’m all in. Well the first night I used it and it felt a little invasive. It hurts a little like a burn and just doesn’t seem natural but I kept at it. Well after a few days the burn went away and I started to look forward to the strange feeling I got when I ran it across my face.

After a couple of weeks I noticed my face looking and feeling smoother and my crow’s feet fading. I look at the roller as an integral part of my evening process and feel like I am cheating my face if I don’t use it. I just opened my second roller and can tell it was time because it feels sharper. I highly recommend trying this system it along with several other products which I will talk about separately has changed my face and I continue to be amazed at the progress as I keep using them.

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