Reverse Brightening

I know I have told my R+F story in the past and I started with the original version of Reverse. That is the product that got me hooked on this stuff. It removed 20+ years of sun worshiping damage on my face and now I am starting to use the new Reverse Brightening products. The biggest thing with these products is to follow the instructions and start off slow. This is powerful stuff and if you start out of the gate using it twice a day you will dry out! Trust me because I am an immediate gratification kind of girl and I did this on my first regimen last year and my face looked horrible until I backed off and eased back in. It took about 2 weeks to get on track with the daily usage but everyone will have different results. My face runs on the dry side anyway.

This time around I am using it every other day with Redefine on the off days. My plan is to alternate every other use and stay on both regimens because I am in love with Redefine and can’t give it up but want to see the benefits of Reverse as well. I will post some before and after pics as I get going but for now I am easing into it so I don’t dry out and am loving the way my face feels.

I have seen lots of before and afters of this product being used on the chest area as well so after I finish my 1st month on my face I may add that in to see how it does. For right now I am using the AMP MD system on my chest every other day and it seems to be working well. I am a side sleeper and I KNOW you are supposed to sleep on your back but I just can’t do it!!! So I get some lines on my chest from my sleep habits but what can I say…this girl likes to sleep on her side.

Let me know if you are loving this brightening complex as well and feel free to post any before and after pics.

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