My review of Fenty Beauty

SO all I hear about from all my favorite YouTubers and Instagramers is that Fenty Beauty is the so I had to try it out for myself and see what all the hype is about. I went to Sephora yesterday and got a sample of #170 and #200 (yes, you can get 3 samples at Sephora per visit for FREE) and I also bought the light trio highlighter/contour kit. I must say I love the packaging. The contour kit comes with 3 colors; a concealer, a highlighter and a contour all of which are cream based and they are magnetic so they stay together as set.

Well, at first I love the coverage of the foundation and I used a blender and my iT cosmetics foundation brush to blend the product. It was a little cakey around my eyes and nose so I had to blend it more than usual but I am optimistic it looks good in the sunlight and will last all day. It didn’t… Once I get outside in the sunlight it looked even more cakey around the eyes so I am glad I only got a sample. This is one product I don’t think I will be purchasing. But don’t discount the whole line because they offer tons of other really cool products.

So onto the trio which I absolutely love. It is very light on and blends well but offers tons of color. I will definitely be adding this to my daily makeup ritual. I can’t wait to try some of the other creme products. Here is a before and after picture with the foundation and trio. Sephoria was sold out of most products so I couldn’t try anymore at this point but I will amend this blog when I can get my hands on more Fenty Beauty.


Coming to Australia

The dr’s that created Proactiv are coming to Australia with anti-aging and more. We are so excited to launch Rodan + Fields Australia in May 2017. We expect to have the same successes we did in Canada where we are the #1 skin care line and continue to see exponential growth. Being 1st to the party is always a good strategy and we are excepting pre-enrollments now for consultants. You can take advantage of the 45% discount on product and get started with your own before and after photos. Have all your friends asking what you are doing different and wanting to get their hands on product.

Sign up today and start your journey to an amazing career (the glowing skin isn’t so bad either). I am happy to answer any questions you have about the products, the dr’s or the program. Here is my site where you can sign up and learn more as well¬†



Reverse Brightening

I know I have told my R+F story in the past and I started with the original version of Reverse. That is the product that got me hooked on this stuff. It removed 20+ years of sun worshiping damage on my face and now I am starting to use the new Reverse Brightening products. The biggest thing with these products is to follow the instructions and start off slow. This is powerful stuff and if you start out of the gate using it twice a day you will dry out! Trust me because I am an immediate gratification kind of girl and I did this on my first regimen last year and my face looked horrible until I backed off and eased back in. It took about 2 weeks to get on track with the daily usage but everyone will have different results. My face runs on the dry side anyway.

This time around I am using it every other day with Redefine on the off days. My plan is to alternate every other use and stay on both regimens because I am in love with Redefine and can’t give it up but want to see the benefits of Reverse as well. I will post some before and after pics as I get going but for now I am easing into it so I don’t dry out and am loving the way my face feels.

I have seen lots of before and afters of this product being used on the chest area as well so after I finish my 1st month on my face I may add that in to see how it does. For right now I am using the AMP MD system on my chest every other day and it seems to be working well. I am a side sleeper and I KNOW you are supposed to sleep on your back but I just can’t do it!!! So I get some lines on my chest from my sleep habits but what can I say…this girl likes to sleep on her side.

Let me know if you are loving this brightening complex as well and feel free to post any before and after pics.

What is the magic towel

SO I was watching a YouTube a month or so ago and the girl was taking off her makeup and casually mentioned this towel and how it was magic. Well I was curious so I HAD to order one, of course. Well…it is magic. I am not sure how it even works but let me tell you without any cleaner at all it will take off all your makeup including waterproof mascara without skipping a beat. It is gentle and so soft. If you don’t own one of these magical towels then you need to order one today. Your life is incomplete without it. Trust me;;


I love this thing so much I even packed it in a baggie and took it on vacation with me because I can’t stand the thought of a traditional washcloth touching my face. I gave one to my daughters Emma and Erika and they concur as well.

I didn’t order the “official” make-up eraser I just went on Amazon and ordered a two pack¬† and they were $11.99 for a TWO pack!!

You must spoil yourself and order these today. Your face will never be the same.


Featured Content – AMP MD


The AMP roller is one of the very first things I ordered from my friend who started selling R+F about a year ago. I wasn’t quite sure how it worked or what it did but I knew it looked like something I had to try. So when my box came and I read the instructions I thought this is a gimmick but I love a new product so I’m all in. Well the first night I used it and it felt a little invasive. It hurts a little like a burn and just doesn’t seem natural but I kept at it. Well after a few days the burn went away and I started to look forward to the strange feeling I got when I ran it across my face.

After a couple of weeks I noticed my face looking and feeling smoother and my crow’s feet fading. I look at the roller as an integral part of my evening process and feel like I am cheating my face if I don’t use it. I just opened my second roller and can tell it was time because it feels sharper. I highly recommend trying this system it along with several other products which I will talk about separately has changed my face and I continue to be amazed at the progress as I keep using them.